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  • The induo® Modular Room System –
    the unique solution for the modular construction sector

    cost-efficient | uncomplicated | sustainable

  • The induo® Modular Room System allows
    the creation of freestanding modular room frames

    versatile | high-performance | patented

  • Safe and fast realisation
    of construction projects

    tested | just in time | proven

  • Versatile design possibilities
    using the natural material, wood

    high quality | creative | ecological

  • Multi-storey buildings
    built of wood and wood composites

    modular | variable | unique

Discover more possibilities

induo® offers companies in the modular construction sector a unique modular room system that stands out through its ease of use and versatile design possibilities.

The induo® Modular Room System allows the cross-material joining of wood, steel, reinforced concrete and concrete to create self-supporting and tested modular room structures. The patented system makes it possible to produce complete frame systems with measurements of up to 4 x 15 m, which are stackable up to 4 storeys.

Our customers include wood construction companies, carpentry firms, leading companies in the modular construction sector and traditional building companies with years of experience in turnkey constructions.

As a specialist planner and system supplier, induo® gives its customers the tools they need to produce and market modular structures with high added value.


Increased demands on modern construction

The goal of our meticulous planning concept is the safe and fast realisation of construction projects according to the client's expectations and wishes using the most suitable construction method.

Healthy living and working space coupled with high quality, long-lasting building quality and outfitting means investment security in the development of a property. The use of ecological and physically flawless materials is an essential requirement for today’s construction.

The energy concept for a building, with regard to operating costs and energy efficiency, is a prerequisite for maintaining the value of a building, and is already a legal and normative minimum standard.

The induo® Modular Room System meets all these demands and at the same time allows the prompt and swift construction of high quality buildings that are ready to use.

The diversity of modular construction

induo® has been engaged in the development of innovative system applications for modular room systems for more than 20 years. The linking and joining of individual components – including across materials – has a substantial impact on the quality, function and efficiency of structures.

Systematised production ensures high quality and cost-efficient construction. The induo® Modular Room System uses this to its advantage together with the innovative possibilities offered by the natural material, wood.

The creation of buildings using modular rooms with a high level of pre-fabrication opens up many design possibilities for architects and planners.

induo® offers the producers of such buildings a suitable system that fulfils all their requirements.


Special characteristics of modular construction

Building types

The modular construction technique can be used for buildings of any usage type, both fixed and temporary. Subsequent repositioning, conversions, additions and extensions can be realised in a short time, almost without loss of substance. 

Compared to the standard container processes, e.g. with steel frames, the induo® Modular Room System allows our customers, specialists in the modular construction sector, to create high quality designs with lasting value.


Irrespective of the method of construction, building outfitting for living and working spaces is not just determined by the applicable normative use specifications but above all by the requirements of the people working or living in those spaces.

The complete outfitting of the induo® Modular Room System can be pre-fabricated in the modules by the company producing them. From the heating system to the electrics and wall cladding, tiles and floor coverings.

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