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  • induo® Modular Room System –
    just two components , a perfect combination

    ingenious and simple

Just two components required to make your own
modular room

With the development of the modular room system by induo®, the “Gordian knot” of the modular construction sector has been intelligently solved. induo® offers a system anyone can use to produce modular rooms. Today, with the aid of the patented induo® anchor and the accompanying patented induo® modular room tie, different materials including wood, steel, reinforced concrete and concrete can be optimally combined.

The freestanding induo® modular room frame is the key to the greatest possible intrinsic value creation. It opens up countless design possibilities to construction companies and builders of modular structures. Thanks to just two components, modular construction no longer has to be boring and schematic.

It all starts with the freestanding modular room frame

Whether a small workshop or large construction company – anyone can master modular construction with the ingenious and simple system created by induo®. With the aid of just two components, you can produce your own freestanding modular room frames with standard tools, which can be fully fitted out into modular rooms in the factory:

  • Up to four storeys can be stacked  

  • No fixed wall and support requirements 

  • Wall, floor and ceiling design individually selectable

  • Incl. statics calculations and engineering services necessary for verified structural approval

  • No special tools needed

The system components

  • Only the induo® modular room tie 
    (SVE 120 x 120 x 240) and one type of
    induo® anchor (G M20 /120) are necessary

  • Modular rooms can be implemented in all shapes
    and sizes

  • No glue or adhesives needed – no adhesive
    approval necessary

  • Framing and installation with standard tools –
    no special tools necessary

  • All components can be pre-fabricated and
    are screwed together – as simple as LEGO

Our services 

  • Delivery of system components

  • Advice on structure and superstructure selection

  • Auditable static calculations

  • Insulation certificates/energy saving certificates

  • Noise insulation certificates

  • Fire safety concept

  • Structural fire protection certificate

The advantages for you

  • Modular room sizes can be chosen freely

  • Stackable up to four storeys

  • Walls and supports can be placed freely

  • Planning security for production companies

  • Calculation security for producers


The freestanding frame module is the basic element

Completely self-supporting frame modules with measurements up to 4 x 15 m can be created with the induo® anchor and induo® modular room tie. The cross-material jointing of wooden elements with reinforced concrete delivers optimal solutions for fire safety and noise and thermal insulation. The individual modules can be combined as desired and can be stacked up to four full storeys high. They can be fully or partially open or closed on one or several sides. This means that anything is possible, from simple designs to complex designs with overhangs and recesses.

Freely selectable module sizes in the following dimensions: 

  • Maximum floor area of an individual module: approx. 5 x 15 m

  • Clear room heights: 2.50 to 3 m

  • Room sizes up to 12 x 24 m

  • Unsupported longitudinal span along module axis (x): 6 m

  • Unsupported longitudinal span along module axis (x) with adapted construction:
    9 m or more

  • Unsupported lateral span along module axis (y): freely selectable

  • Standard transport sizes: Width to 3 m, length to 14 m

Example practical applications

Business-used buildings

  • Clinics and laboratories

  • Hotels 

  • Office buildings 

  • Recreational facilities

Private residences

  • Prefabs

  • MAX-Häuser

  • Wooden houses

  • Living cubes

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